Dr. Jongerius

N. Michael Jongerius M.D. ABFP
Dr. Jongerius is starting his 25th year as a family physician in the Peoria area. Upon his graduation from the University of Missouri School of Medicine in 1981, he completed a three year family practice residency at York Hospital in Pennsylvania.
In 1984, Dr. Jongerius began his practice of medicine at Carver Health Center. He has also provided family practice services at Princeville Medical Center, University of Illinois Family Practice, and Peartree Family Medical Center. After spending the past three years in medical administration, Dr. Jongerius is resuming his clinical career at Junction Medical.
Developing a deeper understanding of the complexities of our health system, Dr. Jongerius has designed his new practice to provide patients with the access, efficiencies, and services of a medical home. "What is important to you when you visit with your physician? I hope to deliver care that is meaningful and valued by you and your family. I invite you to join our new practice at Junction Medical".